Welcome to Pretty Vulgar, the party game for classy ladies with potty mouths.

Welcome to Pretty Vulgar, the party game for classy ladies with potty mouths.


How well do you know your bitches? Play the Blue answer card that gets picked by the HBIC and win a Pink question card. Decide in advance how many Pink question cards it will take to win and become the Queen B (we encourage her highness to take photos of herself standing tall as her subjects bow down beneath her).

Next, each bitch is dealt 10 Blue answer cards, while the Pink question cards remain stacked in the middle.

Start! Whoever had the most recent manicure starts off as the HBIC (Head Bitch In Charge) and draws a Pink question card to read out loud.

Play! All the other educated bitches play by choosing the Blue answer card they think will get picked by the HBIC as either the more accurate or hilarious answer. Chosen answers are then placed face down in front of the HBIC for her to shuffle (hint....the Blue cards that make your girls blush are usually the ones that prove victorious!).

Winning a Pink card! The HBIC reads the Blue answer cards aloud and selects her favorite. The bitch whose answer is chosen wins the Pink card. Discard the used Blue cards and draw new ones (always maintain ten Blue cards in your hand).

With gameplay moving clockwise, a new HBIC is appointed, and so on.

Each deck is filled with delightfully daring wild cards that will make you use your intellect to pick the best strategy to win. After these wild cards are played game play continues as normal.

Nesting Bitch Face (aka Resting Bitch Face, since birth)
This Pink card allows you to challenge another player to a Nesting Bitch Face stare down. The first person to break character loses (ex: smile, laugh, etc…). The winner keeps the Pink card. The others are encouraged to make them break character by cheering, cursing, etc. Most importantly, don't forget to capture these special moments to share on social media or save for future blackmail.

Fuck You Very Much
These Blue cards have a picture of a middle finger on them. When played, you automatically win the hand. If two or more “Fuck You Very Much” cards are played in one round then you must have a Nesting Bitch Face stare down to determine who wins.

Named after the kleptomaniac bird, these Blue cards are even more devious. This canre is only playable when you are HBIC. As HBIC if you put this card down before you pick up a Pink card to read you may take away a Pink card that someone else has already won (you can choose any victim) and it becomes yours. After you have taken a card away from someone proceed with game play as the HBIC and read a new Pink card from the pile in the middle. Make sure you pick a replacement blue card.

Free The Bird
These Pink cards are a gift to all, as they allow everyone to discard one Blue card from their hand and pick a new one (great for when you’ve been stuck with a bad card for a few rounds). Once this is done, the person who picked up the “Free The Bird” card can pick up another Pink card and continue game play as normal.

Best of luck, and may the best bitch win. Remember to share your most victorious, ridiculous or downright uncomfortable question/answer combinations by posting photos of them using the hashtag #PrettyVulgar.

Fuck You Very Much!