Our Story

Pretty Vulgar, a vintage makeup line, was created by a collective flock of cosmetics industry veterans, innovators and makeup artists who wanted to create a brand that embodies the fact that people are beautiful multifaceted contradictions.

Our cruelty-free makeup formulations are developed free of parabens, sulfates and phthalates. The diverse spectrum of vibrant colors, lightweight formulas and long wear are just a few of the benefits you will experience.

Our products are inspired by an eclectic vintage aesthetic, bringing back timeless qualities of generations past, and thoughtfully designed to look as good on you as they will on your vanity.

Our beauty looks are motivated by the colorful diversity of birds everywhere, encouraging us to embrace the beautiful contradictions that exist in all of us, to have the elegance of a swan in one moment and the darkness of a raven the next. Now, the choice isn't Pretty or Vulgar, but to blend, blur and mix into a colorful shade that's uniquely you.


Disclaimer:  Pretty Vulgar was created for real people living real lives; lives that are inspiring, fun, messy, and complex. The faces behind the brand are real people, too. Sometimes, we’ll hit on something extraordinary, and other times, we may make a mistake. Either way, we always strive for transparency. We promise to be honest with you, and, in return, we would love your honesty right back! That’s the only way we can keep giving you the amazing products you deserve!